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You're Never too Old for Straight Teeth and Other Reasons to Consider Invisalign®

Do you long for rows of straight, even teeth and wish you had worn braces when you were younger? Don’t look back any longer. Today’s modern dental technology has a better answer for you: the Invisalign® system of clear aligners.

Invisalign aligners offer you an alternative to traditional braces, and we have them at A Caring Dental Group in Cleveland, OH. The Invisalign system uses clear plastic aligners that fit snugly over your top and bottom rows of teeth. You normally wear one set of aligners for two weeks and then change to another set. Each set of aligners moves your teeth closer to their final placement, getting you closer to the smile you want.

Reasons to use the Invisalign system

There are many good reasons to consider the Invisalign system. Invisalign works to resolve cosmetic and functional problems. The aligners can correct these common problems:

At A Caring Dental Group, headed by Benedict Kim, DDS, who was rated among America's Best Dentists in 2015 by the National Consumer Advisory Board, your teeth are examined to determine with the Invisalign system can benefit you.

If you’re a candidate, we take 3D images of your teeth with a special scanner. A computer transforms the images into a preview of what your smile looks like when your Invisalign treatment is over. You see two rows of beautiful, even teeth, and you can keep that picture in mind as you proceed through your treatment.

Reasons to use the Invisalign system

Certainly, appearance is one of the main reasons adults choose the Invisalign system, but there are more. Here’s a look at the main reasons for using these aligners:


Research indicates that people do judge others based on first impressions. You’re a busy adult with a social life. You may have a professional life where your smile is an important asset. Why give it up for a couple of years while you wear braces? Invisalign is invisible; you don’t have to greet business associates or enjoy a night out with friends with a mouth full of metal.

In addition, braces can cause another issue with appearance — they can discolor teeth. Plaque builds up more easily when you wear metal braces because you just can’t reach every part of your teeth easily. The plaque can damage the enamel and leave spots on your teeth when the braces are removed.

Comfort level

Let’s face it: Metal braces are uncomfortable and can be painful for days, especially after they’re tightened at dental appointments.

Invisalign aligners don’t have any wires or brackets that can snap and break. They fit snugly, especially when you get a new set, but there is minimal discomfort, especially when compared to traditional braces. A loose wire from braces on the inside of your mouth can really hurt.

Ability to eat the foods you want

Metal braces can limit what you eat. If you love popcorn, gum, nuts, corn on the cob, and sticky candy like caramels, they’re all on the verboten list while you have braces. Sticky foods can get stuck like glue, and food like popcorn with its sharp kernels can easily get lodged between the wires or brackets.

On the other hand, Invisalign aligners have no effect on what you eat. You take the aligners out to eat and pop them into a carrying case. Not having to give up foods you love for a year or more is one of the many advantages of Invisalign.   

Ability to keep your teeth clean

Metal braces can contribute to tooth decay. Cleaning your teeth is much more difficult while wearing braces. Food particles can get trapped easily and remain on your teeth even after you brush them, creating plaque buildup.

With Invisalign, you remove the aligners, brush and floss normally, and then pop them back in. You’re less susceptible to decay and gum problems with the Invisalign system than with metal braces.

At A Caring Dental Group, Dr. Kim has perfected countless smiles for both adults and teens using Invisalign. To find out if you’re a candidate, call or book an appointment online today.

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