Why You Should Never Ignore a Missing Tooth

Tooth removal is a common dental procedure. Once your tooth has been removed, you may think that the process is done. But there are many compelling reasons why you shouldn’t wait long to fill that empty space in your mouth.

At A Caring Dental Groups in Cleveland, Ohio, Benedict Kim, DDS is a highly skilled dentist who provides a variety of treatment options to improve her clients’ teeth and give them beautiful smiles. Dr. Kim works with you to identify your dental goals and develops a treatment plan to achieve them.

What causes missing teeth?

Sometimes teeth fall out, and sometimes they need to be removed. Untreated gum disease can lead to tooth loss, and an injury to the head or mouth can knock out a tooth. Serious tooth decay often results in tooth removal, or perhaps an adult tooth didn’t come in to replace a lost baby tooth.

Why you should never ignore a missing tooth

If you undergo a tooth extraction, you may need some time to heal after the procedure. Once you’ve recovered, it’s important to think about what kind of restorative treatment you’d like to replace the missing tooth. Ignoring it can cause:

Although it may seem like a lot of extra work to fill in that gap, it could prevent you from developing much more serious dental problems in the future.

What treatments are available?

To replace your missing tooth, you have two main options: dentures or a dental implant. Each procedure has advantages and disadvantages. 

Dentures are a relatively inexpensive and simple option for replacing a missing tooth, or even replacing several teeth. However, dentures can be uncomfortable and difficult to keep clean

Dr. Kim recommends implants as the best option for replacing a missing tooth. She has many years of experience installing dental implants, and she can provide you with the perfect implant to restore your smile. 

Why are implants the best option?

Dental implants are the best option for filling in the space left by your missing tooth because they:

Implants are the next best thing to having your missing tooth back again.

What exactly is an implant?

An implant is a manufactured tooth that’s installed into your jawbone to replace your missing tooth. A metal post is installed in your jaw and, after a period of healing, a piece called an abutment is connected to this post. A custom-created prosthetic tooth that matches your other teeth is then fitted to the abutment.

The implant looks and feels like a natural tooth, allowing you to eat and speak normally. You can clean the implant just like your other teeth. Most people won’t be able to notice the implant at all. 

When you have a missing tooth, you may not be worried about how that gap looks and feels. Without filling in that empty space, however, you increase your chances of developing more serious dental problems. Implants are the best option for replacing a missing tooth, allowing you to have a replacement tooth that feels and looks natural. 

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