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Why Dental Implants Are So Sturdy

Dental implants are the strongest and most durable choice for tooth replacement. At A Caring Dental Group, Benedict Kim, DDS, and our team offer Shatkin F.I.R.S.T.® mini dental implants that are much smaller and thinner than traditional dental implants without sacrificing durability. 

We explain several reasons that dental implants are so strong.

The dental implant metal

Traditional and mini dental implants are made of ultrastrong metals like titanium and titanium alloys. They’re virtually unbreakable, which means you have those sturdy metals as your new tooth roots, and they’re even stronger than natural tooth roots. 

How we place the implants

Implant placement plays a big role in their strength. The implant goes directly into your jawbone, which gives it a sturdy anchor. The bone acts like cement to hold your implant in place. 

Titanium and titanium alloys also bond to your jawbone in time, which means the implant fuses with your jaw for maximum staying power. 

When you don’t have natural tooth roots, the jawbone beneath it starts shrinking, which can eventually put the rest of your teeth at risk for shifting and loosening. Dental implants help prevent bone loss because the metal constantly stimulates bone renewal. So, dental implants keep your replacement tooth and the nearby teeth solidly in place.  

In-jaw placement works well for single-tooth replacements, where we attach a crown to the implant post. In-jaw placement can even provide support for multiple replacement teeth. For example, one dental implant can hold a bridge (several connected crowns). 

Implant decay resistance

Natural teeth and tooth roots can both develop cavities. However, cavities can’t grow in titanium implants or the porcelain tooth replacements that attach to the implants, making dental implants much less vulnerable than natural teeth and roots.

Of course, your gums can still be vulnerable to gum disease, and your remaining teeth can still get cavities, so taking good care of your teeth after you get your implants is important. 

Why sturdiness is so important for tooth replacement

Sturdiness is often the first goal people consider when looking at tooth replacement options. Sturdy teeth allow you to chew and speak normally without anxiety about teeth sliding or shifting. 

Of course, this new confidence also applies to your appearance. We create custom dental implants for your individual needs, which means your tooth restoration looks nice, fits in with your remaining teeth, and feels natural. 

Are you ready to talk about dental implants? A Caring Dental Group wants to help. Call our office or reach out online to set up your consultation now.

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