How Long Can I Expect My New Veneers to Last?

How Long Can I Expect My New Veneers to Last?

Have you often marveled at movie stars and their perfect teeth on the silver screen? Most likely, they had a bit of help from a cosmetic dentist to have such an engaging smile. Dental veneers are a popular method to achieve a perfect smile while avoiding hours in the dental chair for orthodontics and other dental treatments. 

For a faster and more affordable way to hide dental issues, veneers are the way to go. Are you considering veneers? They can be very effective for hiding problems like: 

Dr. Benedict Kim and the team at A Caring Dental Group in Cleveland, Ohio, provide many cosmetic dental treatments for renewing your smile. Dental veneers are among the most popular. One of the most common questions veneer patients ask Dr. Kim is, “How long can I expect my new veneers to last?” 

The answer to that question is based on a number of factors. Here’s what you need to know about dental veneers and what you can expect from them. 

Getting dental veneers 

The process of getting veneers is simple and requires only two visits to our Cleveland, Ohio, office. Dr. Kim removes a small amount of enamel from front-facing teeth to make room for the veneers and takes a mold of your teeth. This is sent to a dental lab that creates your custom veneers. When they are ready, you return to our office, where Dr. Kim bonds the veneers into place. 

If your veneer cracks, breaks, or incurs any other damage, it must be replaced to protect your tooth. 

Veneer material

Dental veneers do not correct dental issues — they hide them under thin porcelain shells that cover the front of your teeth. Porcelain is the most commonly used material for making veneers due to its natural appearance and durability. Porcelain veneers typically last for a decade or longer and, with proper care, can even last up to 20 years

Caring for your veneers

Although your veneers from Dr. Kim and the team at A Caring Dental Group are made from tough porcelain, they still require proper care. He and our team will provide instructions on how to best care for your veneers, so you can extend their lifespan as long as possible. These instructions typically include factors like: 

Taking these steps and following Dr. Kim’s other recommendations can significantly extend the life of your veneers.

Are you ready to talk with Dr. Kim and our team about a smile makeover with veneers? Call our office to schedule a consultation at 216-446-6977 or use our handy online booking tool

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