Help! My Teeth Are Yellow

Dull, stained, and yellow teeth can be a serious setback in social situations, damaging your self-confidence. There can be many reasons for stained and yellow teeth. If you’re too embarrassed to show your smile, modern dentistry offers solutions to help you proudly show a gleaming smile again. 

A Caring Dental Group, led by skilled dentist Benedict Kim, DDS, offers the most advanced solutions for taking care of your teeth, including transforming your yellow and stained teeth to create a gleaming white smile. Patients from throughout the Cleveland, Ohio, area come to Dr. Kim and his team for caring, top-quality dental care. 

Why are my teeth yellow or discolored? 

Reasons for tooth discoloration or yellowing are many. The most common culprits are the foods and beverages you consume. A good rule of thumb: Any food or drink that can stain your clothing can also stain your teeth. Plus, if you don’t practice regular oral hygiene and maintain routine professional teeth cleanings at your dentist, stains and discoloration only become worse. 

Some of the main causes of yellowing teeth include: 

Damage to teeth — whether due to injury or decay — is another cause of tooth discoloration.

The importance of good oral care 

The first step to correcting yellow or dingy teeth is good oral care. Dr. Kim and his team can instruct you in effective brushing techniques and recommend superior oral care products. Plus, regular professional cleanings remove plaque and tartar before they can build up and cause oral diseases that affect your smile.

If it’s been awhile since your last professional teeth cleaning, we recommend starting with an appointment for an oral exam and cleaning. Our oral hygienist can remove any buildup, and Dr. Kim can resolve any oral issues so you can consider any cosmetic procedures with a clean slate. Be sure to check our website for special offers on cleaning and exams for new patients. 

Professional teeth whitening 

Teeth whitening treatments are among the most commonly requested cosmetic dental services in the United States. After an oral exam and professional cleaning, Dr. Kim can let you know if you’re a good candidate for professional teeth whitening. Some oral health issues — such as cavities — must be addressed first, so you may be instructed to wait for a whitening treatment until dental problems are resolved.

A Caring Dental Group offers professional-grade, in-house teeth whitening with gel-lined trays that bleach the teeth safely and quickly. The whitening agent is hydrogen peroxide. This teeth whitening treatment is proven to brighten your teeth several shades. 

We also offer a professional-grade home whitening kit that uses similar trays to our in-office treatment. Our team provides instructions for how and when to use the whitening gel and trays. The at-home process requires a few treatments over time, whereas our in-office option is a one-time treatment. 

Dr. Kim recommends avoiding over-the-counter whitening pastes, strips, gels, or other treatments. The effectiveness of these products varies, and some may even be harmful to your tooth enamel and oral health. Professional teeth whitening under the care of an experienced dentist is the quickest, safest, and most effective way to brighten dull, yellow teeth. 

Other whitening options 

In some cases, teeth stains or discolorations don’t respond to professional teeth bleaching treatments. Dr. Kim may recommend dental veneers as a whitening option. He bonds these thin shells of porcelain to the front surfaces of your teeth for an even, gleaming, and beautiful smile.

Contact the team at A Caring Dental Group to schedule an exam and consultation to find the best solution for yellow or discolored teeth. Call or use our handy online booking tool. Teeth whitening or dental veneers are common options that make your smile shine. Ask about them when you schedule your appointment.

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