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Beautiful Composite Tooth Filling

When you smile, you don’t want the first thing people notice to be a large, gray tooth filling. You want your teeth to look and feel healthy, regardless as to whether or not you have had dental work done in the past. If you have a cavity or need an older, unsightly filling replaced - why not treat your smile with a restoration that blends right in with the rest of your teeth?

White, composite fillings are durable and aesthetic all at the same time. They’re also healthier for your teeth. Why? Because less tooth preparation is needed (meaning more structure is left in place). They’re also free of metals and mercury.

Do You Have A Cavity?

You may need a filling if your teeth experience the following symptoms of tooth decay or restoration failure:

  • Food packing between your teeth after meals
  • Localized sensitivity to certain types of foods or drinks
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Roughness over the enamel
  • Leaching of a metal filling into the tooth, creating a gray discoloration

At A Caring Dental Group, our dentists are genuinely concerned with your comfort and the health of your smile. Using white restorations to repair decayed teeth earlier can reduce the extent of treatment you need in the future, such as root canals or crowns.

Smaller, More Affordable Treatments

Using white tooth filling to repair decayed teeth earlier can reduce the extent of treatment you need in the future.We recommend routine checkups at least twice each year, as well as x-rays when necessary to avoid the need for more serious dental work such as implants. This allows us to screen for cavities before symptoms are evident - making your filling smaller and more affordable. It also prevents the cavity from spreading to adjacent teeth.

If you’re nervous, that’s ok. We offer anti-anxiety dentistry and nitrous oxide options to help you relax throughout your appointment, regardless of how complex or simple it may be.

Our team is confident that you’ll feel right at home in our Cleveland office. Call us today to schedule your first visit.

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