Restorative Dentistry in Cleveland, OH

Restore Your Smile Our Restorative Dentistry Options

Healthy smiles are durable, beautiful, and function properly. When problems like broken or missing teeth arise, it’s important to achieve a balance, before other teeth are affected.

At A Caring Dental Group, we provide a full menu of restorative dentistry options to rebuild and enhance your smile’s natural health and beauty:

Ceramic Dental Bridges

Our cosmetic bridges are highly durable and perfect for replacing missing teeth. They can also be placed on top of implants.

White Tooth Fillings

Experience minimally invasive care and a natural looking glow with our white, composite fillings. Mercury free and custom shaded, they’re the gentlest way to restore teeth damaged by cavities.

Dental Implants and Same Day Mini Implants

Permanent tooth replacement has never been easier or more holistic than it now is with dental implants. In addition to conventional treatment options, we also provide same day mini implant teeth. It doesn’t matter how many teeth are missing - our implants have you covered.

Denture Options

Replace all of your teeth at one time with a new set of beautiful, comfortable dentures. We offer full, partial, and implant-supported options depending on what your specific needs are.

Comfortable Injections

Get great dentures from our restorative dentistry menu and find full, partial and implant supported options depending on what your specific needs are.Part of an enjoyable treatment experience is how we get you comfortable to begin with.

At A Caring Dental Group, our dentists strive to deliver gentle anesthetic with the least discomfort possible! This helps you relax right from the start, so that we can work more efficiently. Sedation and anti-anxiety options are also available!

Call our Cleveland office today to schedule your next visit with us! We offer a variety of teeth straightening options as well.

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