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Parent Approved!

A Caring Dental Group loves kids! Families with children of all ages are always welcome at our practice. We want your child to enjoy visiting the dentist, so it’s important to create a warm, relaxing environment starting from the very first visit to our pediatric dentistry services.

In most cases, medical and dental professionals recommend bringing your child in for a checkup by his or her first birthday. Regular visits allow us to screen for complications that could turn into problems later on - making them easier to address for both your child and your pocketbook!

Some of the services that we provide our young patients with include:

Teeth Cleanings and Dental Exams

Visits every 6 months keep your child’s teeth healthier and prevent the likelihood of them ever experiencing a painful toothache.

Oral Hygiene Instruction

We want your son or daughter to understand how to effectively clean their teeth each day. Our staff will use age-appropriate techniques to encourage your child to care for their smile properly.

Nutritional Counseling

Encouraging your child to make smart food and snack choices is huge when it comes to preventing tooth decay.

Fluoride Treatment

Encourage stronger tooth enamel with a prescription fluoride treatment every 6 months. If your child is in braces or doesn’t have access to fluoridated water, we can also provide you with some to use at home.

Dental Sealants

Block out cavities before they start, by applying a protective sealant across the deep grooves and pits of the back teeth. Sealants take just a few minutes to apply and are great for hard-to-reach, cavity prone areas.

Restorative Dentistry

Family of 4 happy they found an office that offers pediatric dentistry options so they can all go to the same office.If tooth decay creeps in unexpectedly, we have you covered. Our small white fillings require less prep work and are conservative enough for your child’s smaller teeth. We also treat gum disease.

Why drive between your own dentist and a pediatric dentistry office when your entire family can be seen in one, convenient location? Call us today to schedule your family’s next visit with our friendly team.

Our compassionate dental family can help you have a serene and positive dental experience with our warm chair-side manner and sedation dentistry options.

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