Wisdom Teeth Therapy in Cleveland, OH

Managing Wisdom Tooth Pain

Man relieved that his dentist at a caring dental group provides most wisdom teeth extractions in their office in Cleveland OH.Your final set of adult teeth to develop are the 3rd molars, or better known as the wisdom teeth. Although sometimes these teeth erupt in the mid-teens, they may not ever make an appearance until a person’s mid to late 20s - and that’s ok!

When Are 3rd Molars A Problem?

The wisdom teeth generally only become a problem when there is inadequate space in the jaws for the teeth to erupt properly. This can cause them to wedge themselves into the next tooth, or remain impacted within the jaw. Other times, the tooth erupts part of the way before stopping, due to being stuck in place. This can lead to more pressing problems like:

  • Cavities in the wisdom tooth or next molar
  • Abscessed teeth
  • Swelling or pain throughout the mouth and jaws
  • Food packing under the gums between meals
  • Crowding of the other teeth, due to pressure
  • Decay, due to difficulty reaching them with a toothbrush and floss

After taking a panoramic x-ray, we will be able to tell just how “healthy” the wisdom teeth really are in relation to the space around them. In some cases, we may recommend proactively removing them before pain even starts. Or, we can help you manage the pain to see if the tooth will erupt fully without any complications.

Panoramic x-ray highlighting 1 of 4 wisdom teeth that need to be extracted at A Caring Dental Group in Cleveland OH.At A Caring Dental Group, we provide most wisdom tooth extractions right here in our office. We will thoroughly numb the area and use nitrous oxide sedation to help you (or your teen) to fully relax. If requested, we may also prescribe an anti-anxiety medication to aid in your comfort.

Following your extraction, we will also walk you through the necessary steps to manage any discomfort at home. However, we are always available should you need additional attention following your routine dental procedure. Your comfort is our primary goal!

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