Lumineers in Cleveland, OH

The Lumineers Difference

casesIf you've considered having dental veneers placed, you can't pass up the chance to investigate Lumineers, as well! These offer virtually the same benefits as regular veneers and then some.

A Hollywood Smile In No Time

In just a couple of brief appointments you can have a gorgeous new smile thanks to these quick and effective veneers. A lot of celebrities owe their stunning smiles to this procedure. But how do these veneers differ from traditional ones?

In contrast with regular veneers, Lumineers:

  • Are usually completed in less time
  • Require very little to no loss of tooth structure
  • Should require no anesthesia
  • Are reversible
  • Are much thinner

What's Involved?

Similar to our regular veneers procedure, you'll have an appointment where an impression is taken of your natural teeth. Teeth do not usually have to be prepared to receive Lumineers. Using your impression, a Lumineers lab designs your finished veneers. There's no need for anesthetic, drills, or waiting a long time with a temporary tooth covering.

At your final appointment, Dr. Benedict Kim will check the fit of your veneers and carefully apply them when you're satisfied with the color and feel.

Providing Lumineers In Cleveland

Dr. Kim and the rest of our team here at A Caring Dental Group invite you to look into the Lumineers procedure for yourself. Dr. Kim has placed these veneers and their classic relatives in many cases and he can answer all of your questions about the treatment. You can learn more by visiting our conveniently located Cleveland office.

Are you looking for a way to almost instantly whiten and straighten your smile? Give us a call today to schedule your consultation for Lumineers or other cosmetic dental procedure!

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