Dental Bonding in Cleveland, OH

Easy Dental Bonding Provides Dramatic Results

lady after having composite dental bonding that uses tooth colored materials similar to what is used in white fillings to recreate and rebuild teeth with minor aesthetic concernsEven the healthiest, most beautiful smile can be completely thrown off due to a small flaw or irregularity. For you, it might be a chipped or uneven tooth. For someone else, it could be a small gap between two teeth. What if you could erase those irregularities so that people would focus on everything around it? That’s what dental bonding is for!

Composite dental bonding uses tooth-colored materials (similar to what we use in white fillings) to recreate and rebuild teeth with minor aesthetic concerns.

Here are just a few of the ways we use bonding to recontour the tooth:

  • Covering up pitted or severely stained enamel surfaces
  • Repairing small chips or worn biting edges
  • Closing spaces between the teeth
  • Creating a more natural tooth shape
  • Aesthetically managing areas of mild gum recession

Pain Free Treatment

The materials that we use for tooth bonding naturally adhere to the microscopic pores of the teeth. Because of this, we usually don’t need to perform any drilling or give injections. Instead, the tooth is gently buffed or etched to allow for the material to fuse with the tooth.

Before and after of dental bonding an excellent and affordable way to transform how people see your smile.Next, one of our dentists will match the appropriate shade of material with your natural tooth color, so that the finished product won’t be noticeable. As it is shaped onto the tooth, we recreate the desired form, and then finally cure it permanently in place with a bright light.

Part Of Your Smile Makeover

There’s no recovery time, discomfort, or expensive treatment. Bonding is an excellent and affordable way to transform how people see your smile. You might be surprised at how something so simple can make such a huge impact!

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