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Welcome To Lakewood, Ohio!

Sitting adjacent to Cleveland, Lakewood Ohio is one of the many suburban areas that compose the Greater Cleveland Metropolitan Area.

However, this isn’t the sleepy suburb you might expect. This picturesque city, located on beautiful Lake Erie, has plenty of attractions that are sure to capture the attention of tourists and residents alike.

Lakewood Park

This park is as ideal as you could possibly imagine, and offers an inspiring view of Lake Erie. As if that were not enough, looking east will reward you with the alternative view of downtown Cleveland. While you’re appreciating the wonderful scenery, take some time to also enjoy the walking trails, picnic areas, swimming pool, and baseball or volleyball fields.

Local Food Choices

Lakewood Ohio affords an incredible variety of quality restaurants from which to partake. Let your taste buds do the choosing, and find an eatery that fits your current craving. Here is just a sample of the great spots you can visit:

Cultural Attractions in Lakewood, Ohio

Once you have had your fill of fine cuisine, why not spend some time enjoying the fine arts? You could catch an artistic, theatrical play at the Beck Center for the Arts. Or, stop by the city’s award winning public libraries to browse the nearly half million items in their collection. Lakewood also has several art galleries that are sure to cater to your discerning interests.

Caring Dentists Nearby

The professionals at A Caring Dental Group want you to know that they are located in nearby Cleveland and would be glad to provide timely, expert assistance for your dental emergencies. We offer more than routine dental care. We also provide high quality, cosmetic dentistry to make your smile everything you imagined, Invisalign braces to straighten your teeth. Contact us today to restore your natural smile.

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