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Treatments For Periodontal Disease

periodontal disease also known as periodontitis or gum disease is a condition that causes bone loss and tissue detachment around the teeth.Periodontal disease, also known as “periodontitis” or gum disease, is a condition that causes bone loss and tissue detachment around the teeth. When plaque and food particles accumulate under the gumlines (and are not cleaned away with floss), the body’s natural reaction is to attack the location of infection. Depending on the stage of disease, you may find yourself experiencing symptoms like:

  • Swollen, irritated gum tissues
  • Bleeding when you brush or floss
  • Mobility of the teeth
  • Soreness when chewing
  • Bad breath

Screening For Gum Disease

To determine whether or not disease is present, we will take a series of x-rays to assess bone height, and then we will conduct what we call a periodontal screening. A small measuring tool will be used for us to record the levels of attachment around your teeth. If the “pockets” around your teeth are deeper than 3mm, they are considered unhealthy. Several deep pockets are indicative of gum disease, and a deep cleaning will be necessary.

Scaling and Root Planing

Deep cleanings remove the calcified tartar along your root surfaces. This creates a clean area that is easier to maintain, so that the tissues can potentially reattach themselves to the tooth. After the procedure we will want to see you more regularly, perhaps as often as every 3 months, until symptoms improve.

In some cases it may be necessary to place local antibiotics under the gums, or recommend a bone graft to prevent tooth loss. We work closely with you the entire time, keeping your long-term smile as our foremost concern.

Gum Disease and Your Health

You owe it to yourself to have your smile checked, as periodontal disease is directly linked with chronic health infections. Studies show that managing periodontitis can help decrease your risk or severity of diabetes, heart disease, and even premature labor.

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