Teeth Whitening in Cleveland, OH

Professional Teeth Whitening Offers A Natural Glow

Before and after of teeth whitening a fast and affordable smile makeover you owe it to yourself to consider whitening your teeth.If you’re looking for a fast and affordable smile makeover, then you owe it to yourself to consider teeth whitening services. This convenient option is safe and effective for people with healthy smiles, who want to erase years of stain and tooth discoloration.

Depending on the natural hue and level of stain present within your enamel, we may recommend one of our two different treatment options:

One-Hour Chair-Side Teeth Whitening

Need whiter teeth right now? Our one hour treatment is done right here in our office, and uses a bright light that stimulates rapid release of the stain particles within your porous enamel. It’s sure to lift away several shades in just one sitting. Plus, we even include a set of take home trays for you to maximize your long-term results.

Take Home Trays

Custom fitted teeth whitening trays look and feel like a thin plastic retainer. Place just a dot of prescription strength gel in the reservoir of each tooth on the tray, and wear them for an hour a day. In one to two weeks, you’ll have dramatically whiter teeth - plus, it’s easy to maintain your bright glow when you touch up every three to six months.

Why Professional Teeth Whitening Works Better

Dental teeth whitening clients using professional treatments that use prescription grade solutions that work more quickly and efficiently than over the counter products.Our professional treatments use prescription grade solutions that work more quickly and efficiently than over the counter products. They’re also safer! If you struggle with tooth sensitivity, gum irritation, or aren’t getting the results you want from store bought kits - then we have the solution.

Consider brightening your teeth before other types of cosmetic treatment, like Lumineers or bonding, for a comprehensive approach to your smile makeover. You’ll be surprised at just how affordable it can be to brighten your teeth! Call A Caring Dental Group today to find out which option is right for you.

Have you heard of Lumineers? In just a couple of brief appointments you can have a gorgeous new smile thanks to these quick and effective veneers.

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